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A well maintained AC store at Dombivli, which is home to numerous exotic and fauna ecies including fishes and birds. A home to a colourful selection of freshwater fish and marine fish.Blue Water Aquarium commenced in year 2010 to cater the exact needs of the fish enthusiasm.
We offer a distinct range of products including fish tanks and aquarium pumps, filters, plants, fish food, medication, lighting and various accessories to meet all your fish needs.

Blue Water Aquarium could be a one – stop destination for all of your pet needs. Our well maintained store at Dombivli- East is home to varied exotic fauna and fauna species as well as fishes and birds. unfold across a district of five hundred sq. ft., our pet store caters to the wants of each pet lover. it’s actually nice fun and delight to go to our pet store that showcases myriad breeds of pet animals.
Take a tour of our pet store to urge a glimpse of fascinating form of fishes, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hermit crabs and mice. it’s actually attractive to ascertain these innocent and wonderful pets fidgeting with one another gayly. The aquariums in our store area unit home to a vibrant choice of seafood and marine fishes.
At, Blue Water Aquarium, you may notice everything you would like for your pet as well as their food, accessories, specialised diet foods for pets of various ages, grooming and health aids, coaching accessories, toys, etc. we provide a powerful vary of foreign and branded aquariums, bird cages, fish tanks, that area unit on the market in associate degree array of shapes and sizes. There’s additionally a good choice of bedding.

Blue Water Aquarium is the most celebrated dealer in field for:

  • Aquariums – Marine, Freshwater, Chichild.
  • Exotic and Unique collection of fishes and birds.
  • Artifacts and Accessories.
  • Domestic and Imported Feeds
  • Ponds and Waterfalls
  • Consultancy and Maintenance.


Blue Water Aquarium could be a pet hub, engaged in giving coloured fishes of various breeds. we tend to aim to meet your want of getting lovely and wonderful breeds of fishes within the fish tank. Our specialists not solely facilitate in you in choosing the most effective species however additionally guide you on taking care of fishes and keeping a healthy and clean setting of your aquariums.
With our distinctive treatment and feeding ways, developed over a few years, you may be given healthier, higher conditioned fish which may solely be found at Blue Water Aquarium. We have a good choice of tropical fish.

We have huge collection of fresh water and marine fishes such as:

1. Flower Horn Fish
2. Arowana Fish
3. Oscar Fish
4. Discus Fish
5. Parrot Fish
6. Shark Fish
7. Gold Fish
8. Butterfly Black Fish
9. Guppies Zebra Fish
10. Shark Fish
11. Red & Black Oranda
12. Tetras
13. Angels
14. Barbs
15. Betta
16. Danios
17. Rainbows
18. Catfish / Corydors
19. Rasboras Fish
20. Gouramis
21. Cichlids
22. Goldfish
23. Mollies
24. Koi
25. Loaches
26. Discus
27. Freshwater Shark
28. Brackish Water Fish
29. Other Fish
30. Inverterbrates Fish

Aquarium maintenance and services for residential and company offices:

For those that don’t have any time to keep up fish tank, Blue Water Aquarium incorporates a answer for them. Our skilled aquarists give associate degree exceptional maintenance services to create positive your fish tank assortment and its setting area unit in good health.
Home and workplace maintenance contracts area unit on the market in Mumbai

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