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Flower Horn Fish

The Flower Horn fish could be a mixture of completely different cichlids of Central America, p.e. Amphilophus.Trimaculatum (Trimac) or Amphilophus Citrinellus (Midas). The characteristics of those wild predecessors additionally affected the character of those bulls. First, these fish were bred and listed with in Asia, a while later the flower horn craze lined North America similarly. In Europe, there area unit solely few flower horn fans – but, several well-known specialists marginal of the flower horns and condemned them as torment breed. In any case, these fish offer enrichment to any tank scenery.
If you choose for exploit a Flower Horn, you ought to ponder whether or not to start out with AN adult fish or with a young one.
Flower Horn Thailand Of course, fully grown fish provide the advantage that they need already developed their full color which their sex is simple to differentiate. Most females have terribly small or no frontal hump in the slightest degree. Adult fish survived over the crossroads of ten cm; these fish area unit – equivalent to their ancestors – at risk of enteric parasites (white feces) when they area unit still young.
For plenty of Flower Horns, being affected with these parasites means that death sentence. Adult fish that have full-grown up in isolation can grow to be brutal mavericks and it’s unacceptable to socialize them. Young fish, in distinction, area unit simple to socialize with the assistance of straightforward tricks. during this approach, it absolutely was attainable to socialize 3 of those powerful fish, WHO have full-grown up with the quiet and peaceful South yank Heros Cichlids, with alternative fish with none problems. It goes while not language that it’s additionally a matter of the tank size.

Flower Horn Tank Setup …

Flower step in separate tanks
The ideal tank offers enough house for a minimum of one try of Flower Horns, i.e. from 1,50 m * 0,60 m * 0,60 m ahead, with plenty of grit and base composition in order that the feminine has the possibility to retreat. It’s best to require an oversized tank together with many pet fish. However, within the case of extremely aggressive Flower Horns, it should sadly be that it’s attainable to stay one Flower Horn only. A tank for this purpose ought to provide house of one,20 m * 0,60 m * 0,60 m a minimum of. In order to stay single fish in humor, you’ll be able to strive whether or not it’ll get on at the side of Convict Cichlids.

Diseases young Flower Horn

Intestinal parasites, that are becoming the favorable position and area unit sapping the fish’s energy; most frequent area unit malign parasites once the fish is mostly stressed or once it’s fed with poor feed (p.e. larvae).In a case like that, the Flower Horn’s color darkens and it secretes white excrement. so as to cure this, it should satisfy to combat the cause for the strain and to feed prime quality food. Saucer eyes area unit caused by poor water quality. the initial species A. Trimaculatum is incredibly delicate relating to water charged with nitrates and phosphates.

Flower Horn Food

Amphilophus Trimaculatus
Actually, it’s attainable to feed these fish nearly any quite food starting from normal frost feed to dry fish food aside from red larvae and beef hearts. These cichlids wish to feed off crickets, insects or tiny fish. Whereas you have got to stay in mind that a lot of tiny fish might not receive any attention, however introduce pathogens into your tank

Flower horn Fish Keeping

Temperature: Like most tropical fish, flower horn thrives in temperature between 20-30°C. Ideal or recommended temperature are around 28-31°C.

Water Condition

One of the vital criteria in flower horn fish keeping is that the pH scale level of the water the it lives in. pH scale level is truly the live of acidity or alkalescent of the water. The pH scale scales ranges from zero to fourteen. Flower horn fish needs moderately alkalescent water, ideally between seven.5 to 8.0. so as to take care of stable water conditions, it’s well to own an everyday water change interval of once every week. it’s additionally well to combine a little of crushed coral with the gravel. this can additional maintain pH scale stability. like every alternative fish, explosive or forceful changes on the pH scale level is damaging to the flower horn fish. As precaution, it will be great to ascertain the pH scale of the water sporadically.

Filtration System

On the general, flower horn fish is well maintained. Little question that it’s a hardy breed. But to bring out the most effective of the fish (be it coloration, nuchal hump and overall health), we should incorporate AN economical filtration system. There area unit quite variety of filtration systems within the market. Ideally the filtration system ought to have these criteria:
Easily clean
Efficient mechanical pre-filter A biological system that’s protected against preventive Last however not least, regular / periodic partial water changes is additionally vital.

Water modification

For some amateur, water modification could be a job that they dread most. so as to own a well maintained tank, periodic partial water modification ought to be done a minimum of once a month. Be aware that clear water with stable water pH scale and excellence water temperature doesn’t indicate that the water within the tank is clean. Besides, there’s no filtration system that’s able to keep the tank 100 percent clean. Moreover, regular water modification can make sure the growth and health of the fish. Be doubly aware that regular topping of the water within the tank doesn’t count as water evaporates. The waste from the fish still stays behind.

Water Movement / Flow

Most of the time, the flow of the water within the tank is unnoted by amateur. However it’s very important to the health of the fish.

Below area unit a number of the vital factors:

Alleviate the likelihood of thermal layering. In alternative words, uneven distribution of water temperature. It additionally helps to distribute ventilated water within the tank.It prevents the formation of skinny film on the water surface that may hinder the aeriform exchange between air and water within the tank.
Salt and its edges
Salt from time to time acts sort of a stabilizer. however in some areas, the dissolved salt content within the water is low, and therefore the addition of tank salt would possibly merely create the fish feel a lot of “at home”. It acts sort of a disinfectant because it helps in killing bound parasites. Salt also provides metal and chloride ions that helps fish stabilize.


Flower horn fish has excellent craving. This hybrid will either take live food or fish pellets. it’s well to feed the fish many times on a daily basis in tiny amount. Ideally to have a combination of life and fish feed. This can create the fish healthier. Besides, the intensity of coloration greatly depends on the diet of the fish. Excessive feeding of colour enhancer isn’t well because it might contain harmful chemicals. Please pair sparsely.
Tank setting
In general, it’s vital that we offer some furnishings for the fish. The intent is to stabilize and create it feel a lot of reception. All that’s needed by flower horn fish is to own a thin layer of gravel within the tank. Vacant in mind that stressed fish can cause the fish to loose its coloration, nuchal hump and should stun its growth.

Basic Traits

As flower horn fish is from the South yank percoidean family (under the genus Cichlasoma), this fish is incredibly aggressive and territorial in nature. coexistent with alternative fish isn’t advisable. Thus, if you intend to own a pair of or a lot of fish in an exceedingly tank, it’s a demand that you just have the tank partitioned off. this can forestall the fish from fighting that will result in even death.

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