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Aquarium sheds


Ariation Unit

Aeration Accessories


Aquarium Lights

Thermostatic Heaters

Power heads

Filter Media.

To control different chemical parameter filter media are available as per requirements.

Fish Feeds

Fish Medicine

  • Different types of fish medicines are available to diseases and as per fish varieties.


Feeding your pets with the proper quite food is extremely vital. If you’re confused concerning the most effective and healthy eatables for your birds and fish, visit our store. we provide a selective vary of food that’s high in nutrition and straightforward to digest. notice a widest vary of pet food at our pet care store.

Food for fish:

We offer superior quality fish food granules that contain high biological process price. Made in vitamins and nutrients, we provide food for every type of tropical fish. Our merchandise area unit on the market in safe and sturdy packaging that maintains their freshness and nutrition.

Food for pets includes:

1. Pet Snacks
2. Pet Treats
3. Pet Food
4. Dog Treats
5. Dog Biscuits
6. Nutritional Supplements

Food for birds:

Our experience lies in giving form of food things for every kind of birds. Our quality vary of food merchandise provided have the essential nutrients and keep birds healthy. we provide highest quality seeds and mixes for your birds like –

1. Sprouts
2. Eggs & Biscuits
3. Mealworms
4. Millet Sprays
5. Nectar Mixes
6. Tonic Blocks
7. Seed Bells
8. Shell Grits
9. Hand Rearing

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